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1. Ken - 04/01/2011

How do you add intro text to a kodu game?

koducuptech - 04/02/2011

Hi Ken,
There are two ways to have a startup message.

1. You can add a conditional statement to one of the objects that are part of the scenary, this object can display a message once when the game is started, for example:
Add a ‘when-do’ statement similar to this:
when: always do: Say (put your message here, make sure you change to a full screen message) Once

The second option is to save your game with a detailed description, then change the settings for this game to ‘Start Game With… World Description’

Let me know if you need further instruction, I can take some screen shots and make a little tutorial.

2. Don Bosco - 04/27/2011

Is there a way to load custom sounds in? I want to add more sounds to my game, and make my characters talk verbally if possible.

koducuptech - 04/27/2011

Hi Don,
You cannot add your own sounds at this time. you can have the characters talk using the Say action. Hope this helps, best of luck

3. Aaron - 05/10/2011

Please help!
My son had trouble to submit his Game for contest last night. (Didn’t know where the icon for submission was.) Please help with detail steps!

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