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This page contains some common questions that might help everyone involved in the contest.



1. koducuptech - 04/02/2011

Recently I have received a question about adding a game description to Kodu, this sounds like a question others might have.
So, here is my response:
Hi Ken,
There are two ways to have a startup message. You can add a conditional statement to one of the objects that are part of the scenary, this object can display a message once when the game is started, for example:
Add a ‘when-do’ statement similar to this:
when: always do: Say (put your message here, make sure you change to a full screen message) Once

The second option is to save your game with a detailed description, then change the settings for this game to ‘Start Game With… World Description’

2. Kodu Tech Support - 04/14/2011

Hi everyone, I received another excellent question and I wanted to share it on the frequently asked questions page. There are two parts: 1. can multiple people submit one game? 2. Does Kodu allow for level play? Here is the response:
“The contest is one person per entry.

There is currently no way to exit one level and enter another level.

This can be simulated in a single world by creating ‘islands’ of land and ‘teleporting’ (vanishing and creating a new instance) of the player’s character on a new island at the right time. The camera will snap to the new character, and this will make it seem like a new level to the player.

Currently it is not possible for multiple people to design in the same world at the same time.

Pages is more of a feature to change a particular character’s behavior at a moment in time—say when it’s time for the character to ‘power up’ and acquire new abilities, but doesn’t (by itself) give the user access to a new play level.”

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