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Technical Questions 03/16/2011

Posted by pegfisher in General Questions.

Any technical questions, please leave a comment on this post.  Thanks



1. Corby - 03/19/2011

Hi, I approved my 9-year-old son’s request to enter the contest, but neither of us have received a link to where we can upload the .kodu file for his entry.

How do we submit his program?

koducuptech - 03/19/2011

Corby, thanks for your question. After you get signed up and your parents have approved your account, you need to sign into the main site using your email and birthdate. This time you should see a page with this title:

Thank you for visiting the Kodu Cup Contest!
Ready to share your game creation?

At the bottom of the page, you will see a button that says

I’m ready to submit/resubmit my game

When you click that button, you will see a screen to enter your information and upload the kodu file.

I’m going to create a quick tutorial that I will place under the documentation tab for future reference.

Best of luck, hope you enjoy playing with Kodu!

Doug - 05/10/2011


“upload the kodu file” – there’s the rub. We can’t find any place within Kodu to “save as” a .kodu file, and when I try to Browse to it from the upload page, I can’t find it. How do I upload the game file?


koducuptech - 05/10/2011

Hi Doug, when are done with your game, in Kodu, you need to export the game. When you first launch Kodu, go to My Worlds and when you find your game, you will have an option to export the game. That will create a Kodu file that can be loaded. Best of luck

2. Jacen Sherman - 03/20/2011

Hi, My game has a story to go along with it and I was wondering if there was any way to add a short 4-5 slide Power Point or introduction of some sort.

Kodu Cup Tech - 03/21/2011

Jacen, we are only accepting the actual game, but you can add an intro using the always do, say once, and set say to ‘full screen’ on any object in the world.

Hope this helps

3. Jacen Sherman - 03/22/2011

Can the YouTube video that goes along with the game include an introduction, or does it have to be completely game play video.

4. koducuptech - 03/23/2011

Jacen, the YouTube video is meant to be a tutorial for playing your game. So, it can include an introduction and description of the overall game,then explanation on game play.

5. Cheryl - 04/12/2011


I am using Kodu in a game programming class with some high school students. Are there any rules regarding collaboration for entries to the contest? They are working to develop a game together and are thinking that they might want to submit.

Also, is this the place that I might find out a little bit about collaboration – like is there a way for each student to develop a different level of a multi-level game and then pull it together into a single game? How can you transition between levels? If there is a better place to ask these types of specific questions, please let me know.


koducuptech - 04/13/2011

Hi Cheryl, thanks for your inquiry.
I’m so happy to hear you are using Kodu in class, I think it is a great introduction to object oriented programming in a fun way. I am double checking on the rules for collaboration, it is not clear in the documentation, but only one email address can be used for each entry.

There is another site for Kodu support: http://fuse.microsoft.com/

To my knowledge, you can use separate pages for separating ‘levels’, but I don’t know that you can pull together more than one game. It is a great suggestion and I will pass it on to the developers.

If you need more explanation on using multiple pages let me know. Best of luck!!

Kodu Tech Support - 04/14/2011

Cheryl, I did get a response from the Kodu team, here it is:
“The contest is one person per entry.

There is currently no way to exit one level and enter another level.

This can be simulated in a single world by creating ‘islands’ of land and ‘teleporting’ (vanishing and creating a new instance) of the player’s character on a new island at the right time. The camera will snap to the new character, and this will make it seem like a new level to the player.

Currently it is not possible for multiple people to design in the same world at the same time.

Pages is more of a feature to change a particular character’s behavior at a moment in time—say when it’s time for the character to ‘power up’ and acquire new abilities, but doesn’t (by itself) give the user access to a new play level.”

I hope this helps clarify any questions, thanks for participating!

Cheryl - 04/18/2011

Thank you. You have confirmed what we thought we had figured out.

6. Elijha - 04/14/2011

Hello, I am fresh to Kodu and i did download it, when i say there was a contest. It download perfectly the only prombelm is i do not know how to make a blank world, in the video he auto starts on a world and shows you but how do you do it outside of a game.

I have alot of tutorial and game ones already made that came with the download i just dont know how to make my own world or even worlds if i want to make a few for me and some friends to play.


koducuptech - 04/14/2011

Hi Elijha,
It can be a little confusing at first, but there are two ways to create a new world. First, when you go through all the existing worlds, there should be an Empty World that you can choose. After you make your game, save it as a different name.
The other option is to go back to the home menu after launching Kodu and there should be a selection for Load New Empty World.
If you can’t get it to work, let me know and I’ll take some screen shots and walk you through the process.

Good Luck

7. Elijha - 04/15/2011

Hello again i went through the load world options and i have First Tutorial-Roadkill v03 but not new world.

So if i load First Tutorial and hit the new empty world the plain grass is till there when i hit that as an option

most of these are save under smaples and lessons how would i get it under “My Worlds”

I do have a lot more questions but I don’t know if i could post them all here little afraid it would take up a big check of the page.

8. Elijha - 04/17/2011

I figure out how to get the world down and stuff, but i do have some questions, about the teleporting thing how vanish and revanish

9. Don Bosco - 04/27/2011

Hi, when ever I add the full screen option, and test out the game, when I click A to continue, it just replays the same frame over and over again. Please help.

koducuptech - 04/27/2011

Don, are you using a game pad to run the game? I tried it with my keyboard and it seems to work. Ill try the gamepad, let me know

10. Aaron - 05/10/2011

My son has finished his Game design and wanted to submit it last night. However, he couldn’t find a way to submit it from the Kodu Game Lab. Please list the details steps to submit a Game for the Kodu Cup Contest ending at 9pm our time.

koducuptech - 05/10/2011

Hi, I don’t know if you figured out how to load the game, but if you go to http:\\koducup.us you enter the email the address that you used to sign up and then you can upload the game. Hope this helps, let me know if you still have trouble.

Aaron - 05/11/2011

Thanks so when we started Kodu Game Lab to start the game design, do we need sign on anywhere from there? If so, can you list the steps to sign on? We lost the game that my son saved last night at Kodu Game Lab…

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