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Official Launch 03/16/2011

Posted by pegfisher in General Questions.

Check out the official launch site for the 2011 Kodu Cup:


If you have any questions about the contest, please comment on this post!



1. Corby - 03/19/2011

Hi, I approved my 9-year-old son’s request to enter the contest, but neither of us have received a link to where we can upload the .kodu file for his entry.

How do we submit his program?

koducuptech - 03/19/2011

Corby, thanks for your question. After you get signed up and your parents have approved your account, you need to sign into the main site using your email and birthdate. This time you should see a page with this title:

Thank you for visiting the Kodu Cup Contest!
Ready to share your game creation?

At the bottom of the page, you will see a button that says

I’m ready to submit/resubmit my game

When you click that button, you will see a screen to enter your information and upload the kodu file.

I’m going to create a quick tutorial that I will place under the documentation tab for future reference.

Best of luck, hope you enjoy playing with Kodu!

Corby - 03/19/2011

Hi, I am the parent. My son registered with his e-mail and birthdate. He provided my e-mail address. I got the following e-mail, and confirmed that I was his parent.

But when he logs in to the system, it just prompts him again that he still needs his parent’s permission. We can’t get to the “Ready to share your game creation?” page

2. koducuptech - 03/20/2011

Can you try closing the browser window and reopening it before trying to sign back in with his email and birthdate.

3. Elijha - 04/17/2011

I understand that is can only be 4 MB where do we check that out with the meter on the right? When that is full it i 4 MB?

koducuptech - 04/19/2011

Elijha, the resources meter is helping you monitor how much cpu your program is using during the game. To check the file size, you need to save your world and then check the size of the file using Windows Explorer.

Hope this helps

4. Julie - 04/19/2011

I am a teacher and would like to have my students enter. However, not all of them have email. Is there an other way to send entries?

koducuptech - 04/19/2011

Hi Julie, that is great news that you are using Kodu in class! Can you have the students create a gmail account, what age group are the students?

I’ll check with the project manager to find out if there another way to enter and let you know.

koducuptech - 04/21/2011

Hi Julie, I received a response from my partner at Microsoft and they do require an email. Maybe you can use HotMail or Gmail or another free email service for the students who don’t have accounts.
Have a great day

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